Petite Session Facts First

My (usually) Greater London based Petite Sessions are not available throughout the year.

A couple of times a year I offer one fixed date with short back-to-back sessions.

Past clients and waitinglist-members have priority booking, all remaining dates are then open for booking.

As always: first comes, first served. Timeslots are limited when they are gone they are gone.

2022 Autumn/Christmas Petite Sessions

are now

Fully booked

Location: Richmond Park

When: first and second weekend of October 2022

20 minutes

five photographs included

Price: £300

Upgrade to 10 photographs for an additional £150

Upgrade to the full petite session gallery for an additional £300

If you would rather book a family, maternity or newborn session with me at a convenient time and date, you can contact me here.

My prices for customised sessions start at £900, and clients spend on average between £1900-3500


How does it work?

My usually Greater London based petite sessions are so-called back-to-back sessions.
This means I have multiple sessions at the same spot on a set date and can therefore offer it at a very reduced price.
You spend only little time and receive updated family portraits of you and your whole family.

What's the difference to a regular family session?

Regular family sessions are personalised and we spend time telling a storyline and building special memories. Family sessions are where I capture your child's personality, his sparkling eyes and giggles while he runs around you, in a special to you, park or location.

At petite sessions, we stand at one spot and I move quickly through poses and leads to make sure we get some lovely portraits of everyone. There is little time to settle down a tantrum or focus on candids.

What's included?

Petite sessions are 20 minutes.
You receive a style guide that helps you to find the perfect outfits for your family and the location.
About two weeks after our session you will receive a gallery where you have time to choose your final images.
5 images are included in the price of each session.

Can I use them instead of a newborn session?

No. Newborn sessions take time and a calm relaxed atmosphere. Both is not available at my petite sessions. Petite sessions are more of an update and a nice alternative to milestone sessions at 6, 9 or 12 months.

I'm pregnant is that ok?

Of course! If you just want a couple of snapshots and nothing personal or intimate then this is a good opportunity to receive lovely images with our partner and 'the bump'.

If you prefer an intimate and customised session, a larger variety of portraits, make use of my client closet and enjoy an all-round experience with Art included, then opt for a maternity session.

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