Cancer hit us hart.

Looking back, we had a picture-perfect Family. A beautiful house, always a table full of food and rooms full of laughter. With my father's cancer diagnosis in his mid- 40's, there was little time left….

Oh, I wish I would have taken more pictures of him, of us, of our family.

I wish I had this perfect picture of my parents looking at each other deeply in love, laughing surrounded by our family chaos.

It all fades away, the memories are still deep and crystal clear, but there are not enough pictures to show my children. And it saddens me!

The only thing I can do is doing exactly that for you.

Working together, building memories and building a strong community is close to my heart. 

I will capture two families a year entirely for free. 

I will travel to your home, to the hospital or wherever you want me to come.

I will blend in and capture those precious moments.

It does not matter if it is cancer, a stillborn baby or a child with an illness.

Those private minutes, hours or days are important. They are vital for us, and our future.

They help us to heal.

Please, reach out to meif you are (or you know someone) in need.


I wonder what we can do to make this beautiful earth a better place. A place where we all feel secure and loved. We are very fortunate, and yet we all have our struggles.

The good thing is, we all can help. We can work together for a better future.

We can support charities, love and educate our children.

If we all stick together, the outcome is massive. A little goes a long way.

10% of my yearly profit goes to Charity.

I am a wife, mother and family photographer, and I care deeply about children, families and education. This year (April 2021- April 2022), I decided to support Place2be.org.uk.

Place2Be provides early intervention mental health support, without stigmatising children, young people or families. The Charity currently supports over 200 schools nationwide by providing schools with trained counsellors and therapist to work with children, parents and teachers.


My work doesn't end here. I'm always open to help, support and work directly with charities and non-profit foundations.

Let's work together!

Reach out and contact me with your ideas and projects.