Capturing the Power & Beauty of Motherhood with Maternity Boudoir Photography in London 

Capture the beauty and grace of maternity with boudoir photography in London.

With experienced photographers, you can create timeless memories of your journey and share your love with those who are important to you.

Let me help you turn this special time into lasting memories that will be cherished forever.

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Understanding what maternity boudoir photography is.

Maternity boudoir photography is a unique style of portrait photography that celebrates and honours the radiance and beauty that comes with motherhood. It is a serene time to document your experience as an expectant mother, letting you have an intimate connection with yourself, your partner and your precious babies. The photographer will ensure that all the essential elements are captured so that your special memories will last a lifetime. Boudoir Photography has to be erotic or tacky. My photographs are soft, feminine and romantic.

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finding the best location

Setting the right mood for your maternity boudoir session is important, so it’s essential to find the perfect home or rental space. Whether you choose your home, a hotel room, or the studio, the environment matters for photos. Locations with lots of natural light and open windows – this will make for some stunning photographs, are best. Remove all clutter and bits and bots from your nightstand. Additionally, add in comfy chairs, fresh flowers and pillows for extra cosy shots!

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choosing the right clothing and accessories for your boudoir session.

When selecting clothing and accessories, consider items that make you feel most beautiful. Feel free to bring a few different options with you, such as baby dolls, gowns, long skirts with light camisoles, or classic lingerie. Also, ensure the clothing is form-fitting to emphasise your bump. You can also bring props to enhance the atmosphere further and build up your perfect boudoir shoot. Props can include flowers, hair pieces, jewellery and any other creative ideas you come up with! Silk, tulle and lace look stunning.

I have beautiful options of gowns (silk, lace and tulle) as well as cashmere clothing and accessories for hair and silk slips that will look stunning on you.

confidence and posing

It is important to take comfort and confidence into consideration when posing during your boudoir maternity session. Your poses should feel natural and gracefully flatter your baby bump. To make the most of every pose, shift your weight from one side of your body to the other and vary the direction in which you’re looking, as well as your hand placement and facial expression. Listen to any cues given by your photographer and trust that you are in capable hands for capturing stunning photos!

We will turn the music on, you can have a glass of alcohol-free champagne, bring a friend or partner and enjoy your body in its full glory.

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Hi, I am Miriam Caterina Wahl, a London-based maternity, newborn and family photographer. Soft, film-like and a fresh take on classic family photography with an influx of lifestyle-oriented portraits are my expertise. As one of London's best newborn and family photographers, I am excited to start offering romantic and fresh maternity boudoir photos. If you would like to start planning your own session, contact me here.

I can't wait to photograph your growing pump and maternity boudoir photos in London.