You might have realised by now that I don't use props for Newborn Photography.

You wonder why? Or what props are?

Props are objects to stage and support the subject. You put a baby in a pumpkin? The Pumpkin in the prop. You dress your newborn in a little costume, add a headband and put it in a basket or doll bed? That's a lot of props, and we have all seen pictures like this. They can be very creative and artistic.

But here is the thing.

Babies are perfect.

Babies are unique.

Babies already have a little personality.

I don't want to make your newborn something it isn't. What I do, you wonder? I document the baby, his/her little personality, how he/she looks at you, sucks on its thumb or toe. Sometimes I take a shot, and the mummy tells me. "That face he just made that's how she looked when she was born". "The fist in that shot, she always does it when she gets tired". "Those bubbles around his mouth is what he does when he gets sleepy...". You see? Newborns have their little quirks, and my goal is to highlight them. My props are the quirks.

You use nothing at all?

Of course, I do. I have natural wraps to swaddle your baby if it needs to be swaddled or just to archive that precious look.

I come with a huge Newborn Photography bean bag. I always joke that I am moving in. This will allow us to find the best light in the house and do some natural poses. You do pose, you wonder? Of course! But it is natural, it's not fake or cheesy. I gently lead you and the child in a way to hit the right angles and take beautiful pictures, without losing the uniqueness of your family and baby.

What about family heirlooms?

Yes, yes, yes!!! Those are my favourites! Little blankets great-grandma made, a lace veil from the wedding dress, an outfit passed down for generations. Please keep them close by at our session, and I promise to incorporate them in our Newborn session. Those are the pictures I live for. That's where the magic happens.

You would like to have exactly those 'unposed' natural lifestyle Newborn Pictures? Great, fill out the contact form on my website or email me at I can't wait to document this special time in your life.

You want those staged Newborn Pictures with props like baskets and ruffles. Fear not. London is full of Photographers like this. They are in South London, North London and everywhere in between. Feel free to send me an email at, and I can send you a list of Photographers who offer those services and can recommend you, someone from that niche.