Family Vacation Photography in London

As a family photographer in London, I love to meet so many families on their travels. Listening to their stories and experiences is a wonderful way to connect and share our passion for family memories and exploring new places worldwide. This wonderful family travelled all the way from Australia to London. They had lived in London before they had their little one, and it was their first time back as a family of three. In tow was their little boy, eager to run, explore, and run. Did I already mention that he really liked to run? Oh boy, this little sunshine was hard to keep up with, but his little smile, wave, and giggles made it all worth it.

A family vacation photoshoot in London and documenting this wonderful family's experience will be a beautiful reminder to look back on.

The very early morning sun around Westminster can be absolutely gorgeous. When the sun reflects on the clock tower, Big Ben, it turns the whole bridge and riverside in a golden light that shines on skin and hair, and the portraits radiate a warm look that I have been loving more and more lately.

Westminster Bridge

Westminster Bridge is a real tourist attraction, and not long after sunrise, it is filled with tourists, photographers, and Instagrammers mingling for the perfect photo opportunity. Arriving early is essential and always worth it!

Together, with our leader on little foot, we went over the bridge and walked down to the oh so famous red telephone boxes. This is the best spot in London to photograph the red telephone boxes, at least from my local perspective. The typical red telephone boxes are lined up in a row: Westminster Bridge, Elisabeth Tower and the newly renovated Big Ben clock are in the background. If you wait a minute or two, you can even get a red double-decker bus or a black cab (London taxi) in the background. While this might sound way too cheesy, touristy and over the top, it definitely makes the perfect picture of your travels in our English capital.

London Eye

On our way back to Westminster Bridge, we once again had the London Eye as our background.

The street was slowly filling up with dog walkers and early birds on their way to their hospital shifts or early morning run.

Today, I would love to send you over to Jasmyn from Jasmyn Sambac Photography. She's just posted a blog post on how to how to prepare for your lifestyle newborn photography session. It is always a good topic to chat about with your family & newborn photographer, but Jasmyn gathered up a great list of tips and tricks and her recommendations. If you plan a newborn session with me, make sure to check it out, its full of good ideas and information.

Are you interested in a family photo session?

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We will plan according to your family's preferences and personal tastes. I will take over and organise, plan and guide the session. I try to make it as fuss-free as possible so that you can focus on your travel plans and enjoy the city and precious family time.

London is full of beautiful backdrops for your family vacation portraits. I can't wait to meet and photograph you and your family.

Miriam Caterina Wahl is a London-based photographer specialising in natural family vacation photography. She offers family sessions in London that emphasise London landmarks as the perfect backdrop for your travel and vacation photos. From traditional posed images to candid, natural shots of you and your little or extended family, Miriam will help create beautiful and timeless family travel portraits in London, UK.