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Big Ben and Westminster Bridge is the perfect spot for family photography in London year-round. This beautiful spring session was planned around Big Ben, Westminster Bridge and Southbank. On our moodboard we had the stereotype Burberry trench and lots of pink with white to compliment the green bridge.

The light is terrific during the early evening. As we approached the coronation weekend, we had quite a few tourists around us, which I loved to incorporate in the background. Westminster is always loved by tourists from all over the world and especially buzzing when the sun is out.

It's always wonderful to meet clients for a second time, especially when they are such a lovely family.

The first time I met baby Anya in Kensington Gardens, was when she was a little baby. I love to document memories for little ones to look back on, one day. I imagine how she sits in her sofa, with little children on her lap, showing Fine Art Albums and telling stories about her time growing up in London, with her beautiful mother and gentle dad. Twirling her around, lifting her towards the sky, tickling her little feet and giggling with her.....

family photos and portrait of little girl, with Big Ben and Westminster in the background
Family Photos with Big Ben in the background.
Black and white family portraits with Big Ben, London
Westminster Bridge family and vacation photos

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London Portraits around Big Ben

If you are a photographer, check out Donna's blog post. Donna is a Florida-based photographer at Seventh Wave Fotos + Film and recently visited the kindred path workshop. I always dreamed of going to one, so this blog post was informative. I always love to see what photographers see, photograph and how different workshops can look from different photographers.