Client Wardrobe

I want all my mamas to feel beautiful and confident. Our ever-changing body during pregnancy and even postpartum loves soft and flowing fabrics. I've collected lots of silk, cotton and comfortable dresses in a wide range of sizes. The dresses are available for mothers (some even work for teenagers) for all my Maternity, Newborn and Family sessions. Most of my Maternity and Newborn Clients love this option, but all of the dresses will work for Family portraits too. Please let me know if you have a special size or colour request.

Size S - perfect for Newborn or Family Sessions

Size S - Maternity and Newborn Session

Beautiful for all sessions and body types


Maternity dress S-M




S/M & L/XL perfect for Maternity and Newborn bodies

S -M


L-XL favourite for Newborn sessions

XS-M Clients favourite

S-M and L-XL


beautiful for family sessions

short maternity dress, nursing friendly

short maternity dress

how it works

You booked a Maternity or Newborn session with me and wonder how my Client Closet works?

You can pick 2 to 3 dresses and I bring them along to our session where you can choose which dress actually fits and flatters you the most. They will arrive in a garment bag, steamed and laundered freshly from the dry cleaner. There is no extra fee to pay.

If you have a Maternity or Family session in a park or garden you can still pick dresses and change in the car or somewhere secure. All dresses are easy to get in and out. And I can speak from experience that it works pretty well.

Have you ever wondered why dresses always fit models in fashion shoots? because they get clipped in the back, I always carry clips and pins with me and we can secure a loose waist easily.

After the session, I will take the dress home and straight to the dry cleaner that it is ready for the next customer to wear.

Miriam Caterina Wahl Photography specialises in maternity, newborn, baby, and family photography serving greater London, including Kensington and Chelsea, Wandsworth, Battersea, Fulham, Barnes, Richmond, Kew, Westminster, Mayfair, Hammersmith, Dulwich, Beckenham, Little Venice and Hampstead Heath.

Her style is fresh and film inspired with a focus on child-led lifestyle photography.