I love Fresh 48 sessions.

They always include the birth announcement cards and a mobile version.

Due to Covid-19, it is not possible, at least in London based Hospitals, at the moment.

It’s sad but not the end in the world.

I can help you with five simple tricks to make the best of it.

  1. Take your time and choose the time well. The best time is right after a feed when newborns are sleepy. Not be nervous or stressed. Stay calm and enjoy it! You are documenting your child’s first day.
  2. Turn off all overhead lights and move to the window. Natural light gives better skin tones, especially with babies who tend to be a bit red or yellow. Put the baby in the crib and move it towards the light. If the sun is too intense, move it slightly back into the room with no direct sunlight but make sure the area is light. Turn off the flash on your camera/phone.
  3. Angle. Use a chair and shoot from above. Never photograph upwards his/her nose.
  4. Don’t pose the baby! With no training, baby posing can be very dangerous. Simple swaddle it, keep it in a white nappy or a simple body. Make sure to take some detail shots like fingers, toes, hospital tags.
  5. The last tip is for the new mum. Make sure to pack a nice pyjama or oversized shirt in your hospital bag. Choose a fresh colour that compliments your skin and hair colouring. A beautiful silk dressing gown would be another lovely option. Make sure to take a couple of pictures of you and your baby. If you don’t feel well, don’t look at the pictures. It’s ok and very normal to feel this way. What I can promise you is that in 3 years, you will cherish the images!