The best time for outdoor sessions.

Ever heard of the golden hour? That's the best time for outdoor sessions of any kind. The good thing about England? We do have four lovely seasons, and all have their magic.

London is brilliant for outdoor Family Photography.

Richmond Park, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Holland Park or a little local common.

Have you ever thought about the typical London tourist attractions?

They are a beautiful backdrop for every London family.

Tower Bridge, Big Ben or the St. Pauls Cathedral.

Let's get back to the perfect timing.

I can't stress you enough to trust me and show up super early or even late.

Typically its the hour after or before sunrise or sunset.

The light is magic, golden and puts you in the most beautiful spotlight.

In summer this can be too early or too late.

But Spring, Autumn and Winter are easily manageable, even with smaller kids or especially with small ones.

You wonder how to get your teenager out of the house before 8, especially on a Saturday…

let's not think about it just yet, and if you do wonder, I don't have any tips for that! Maybe bribery?

If we meet too late in the day, the sun is too intense, and we have to hide in the shade.

Don't get me wrong it is doable, but why waste the golden hour, especially if we get it for free.

Family Photos are always an investment, and I think we should take every chance we get to make them not only right but perfect, professional and unique.

No matter if it is a Maternity or Family Session, the light is important and makes all the difference.

Using natural light to the right time at the right place will put us in the right spot,

and I can work my magic with my camera.

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