I’ve seen it all. Tantrum, crying or refusing to cooperate and take pictures.

I once turned up for an in-home session, and the big (still little with three) brother decided to cut a hole in his pullover because he didn’t like it.

Let me tell you one thing: I’ve never left a house without pictures. Never!

And trust me, the hole in jumper story and those pictures we took are simple memory and a story this family will always remember.

It’s hilarious, maybe it’s a shock at first, but then the mood shifts and everyone can have a good laugh.

As a teenager and young adult, I always worked as a babysitter to pay for my clothes and lifestyle. Throughout the years, I found many ways to connect with children and let them be themselves. I will never tell your child to ‘smile’ or ‘say cheese’, it is just unnatural, forced, and usually, children give me a grimace instead of a smile.

I’ve got a lot of experience with children, and I have lots of tricks up my sleeve.

I’m a mother of two. They were born 21 months apart. Trust me: I’ve seen it all!!

I always bring little toys, bubbles, and even some snacks to get everyone on board.

I shoot fast-paced, and as soon as the mood shifts, I let them run, jump on the bed or do a wiggly dance to get some energy out that we can focus again. Sometimes all they need is to see what I do with their siblings or parents, and sometimes it takes a big cuddle with mummy on the sofa, where I take in secret, some snaps.

They are moody

Again, please don’t tell them to smile or behave. It’s not helping. Just let them be moody, everyone is allowed to have feelings, and being a toddler can be very hard. Cuddles or gentle tickles often help to shift the mood. If not, we can always turn on some favorite nursery rhymes and do a little happy dance.

They are overwhelmed

Uhh, becoming a big sister or brother, is taff. Having pictures taken when you had so many other plans that day (like playing with your favourite train) is so hard to accept. I completely understand it. Having pictures taken with me is natural and relaxed. I will meet them where they are.

They are shy

I have a timid son myself & there is nothing cuter than a shy smile.

Imagine, your child hides behind the curtains and peeks out, and in just that moment, I take a picture.

That's probably his/her personality in a nutshell, isn’t it?

Please don’t

tell them off, take them out of the room or start arguing. You sit back and relax, let them be little. I will be their best friend that day and make sure we have lots of fun.

Again, I have never left a house without a picture of every child or parent.

I bring lots of time with me and the more relaxed, welcoming and understanding we adults are, the easier it will be for our children.

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"My children loved her kindness and warmth. She captured spontaneous and natural moments beautifully and all the photos she took are treasures we will cherish forever.
Miriam has a unique gift.”"