In short: Lifestyle Photography is the fine line between staged and documenting Photography.

Let me explain it to you a bit more.

I think this is one of the most important topics for every family who thinks about investing in my service.

I want my clients to be educated, understand my service and art and then decide if this is what they expect from a Maternity, Newborn or Family session.

The market seems to be oversaturated with Family Photographers, especially here in London.

Every genre is present. And that's a good thing!

Our clients can pick and choose, and hopefully, they can find someone who's work they love and can identify with. Sometimes I quickly realise that the family who contacted me has different expectations and that's ok.

I don’t mind to recommend them towards other Photographers,

because I want parents to be happy with their Newborn Pictures.

With my firstborn, I was so disappointed about the outcome, and I won’t put you in the same shoes.

Styled (Newborn) Photography

Anne Geddes is one of the top Newborn Photographers. Her images are iconic, and they are heavily styled and edited. There is nothing natural or organic about them. But, I can't deny it, they are beautiful. Many Photographers copy and style their sessions like this, and it is a very famous style of Newborn Photography.

If you like babies in pumpkins, buckets and tulips then Styled Newborn Photography with props would fit better with your expectations.

Lifestyle Photography

Trust me its not entirely unposed. It's posed but interaction are honest and organic.

Perfectly imperfect. We set up simple and organic poses like a mother reading a book to her children, baking in the kitchen, taking a bath... but the laundry basket gets ignored, flying hair gets corrected and toys are put out of the way. I tell you how to stand or sit to put you in the right light.

As you can see Lifestyle Photography doesn’t mean unposed.

Lifestyle Photography is not over-posed, over-edited, and it documents real moments with a little help and guidance.

Documentary Photography

Journalists often use this kind of style. They document what they see and want to highlight. This can be used in Family Photography too. Pretty simple but meaningful pictures.

Imagine, children running through the house, a basket full of laundry on the counter.

Toys all over the place and in-between is your family.

Simple, honest and often brutal reality.